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Honesty is the best policy!

We would all like honesty from everyone in our lives and we believe that if we are honest with you then you will appreciate it.

This page tells you about why, as a small startup business, we do certain things the way we do.

It's not a page for excuses but explanations. As a consumer there are many aspects of running a small business  that we are unaware of ... until we start trading with our own small business.

This page will be added to and updated as we come across issues that we feel deserve an explanation for our customers new and existing.

Feel free to email us your own comments or questions using our contact form and we'll try and answer them here.

Q1. Why do we prefer to be paid by Visa Debit?

A1. Because it only costs our business 26p per transaction. PayPal charge us 3.4% +20p for each transaction, and credit card sales cost us 1.85%. To enable us to keep our costs as low as possible, we ask that you choose Visa Debit wherever you can.

Q2. Why do we ask those who pay by PayPal to choose a trackable delivery service?

A2. Because as a PayPal 'seller' we have to prove an item has been delivered to a 'buyers' address in the event of the buyer asking PayPal for a refund on the grounds of non-delivery. We always obtain a Proof of Posting and now ask that all PayPal purchases include a shipping method which can be traced until arrival.

Q3. Why do I get an answerphone message at 9 o'clock on Saturday night?

A3. Because even small business owners and their staff have to have some time off! However, if you really need us urgently and do leave a message letting us know why, one of us will call you back - even at that time of night...providing we're still up!

Q4. What is 3D secure and why is it there?

A4. 3D secure is another level of protection for you, the customer, when paying online. We understand that some people find it a pain to remember another password associated with their credit/debit cards, but it helps ensure that the person paying with the debit or credit card actually has knowledge of that transaction.

Q5. What is PCI Compliance?

A5. This is a Credit Card Company standard which websites should meet and adhere to and this ensures that your payment details are kept secure. We cannot store your credit card details on our system. We cannot see them once they have been entered by you (just the last 4 digits so we can help you identify the card you used for your order). We also do not take the payment from your card until we ship your order.

Q6. Why do we want to know where you heard about us?

A6. Quite simply we are marketing our products in many different ways and would just like to know which way is working best. It helps us to make sure our message is getting to the right places and we appreciate you taking the time to tell us.

Q7. Why is your phone not always answered?

A7. Every customer and enquiry is important to us. However, sometimes we cannot get to the phone because we may be alone in the office and dealing with another query or making a cup of coffee! We always ask that you leave a message so we can call you back. We'll certainly try to call you before our order cut off time in case your need is urgent - so tell us what you need rather than hanging up. It helps to prioritise our call backs.