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Lowest UK and EU Price Guaranteed!!!

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Orders are shipped 6 days a week*

Why do you need a DryPro cover and why buy it from us?

We'll tell you...

1) Do you want to cancel your long awaited holiday?
2) Do you want to wait a week or more for the product to arrive from outside the UK?
3) Do you want to waste precious time and money going backwards & forwards to your hospital to have new plaster cast or PICC line fitted because another cover has let you down?
4) Do you want your arm or leg to act like a buoyancy aid when you get in the water because your cover is full of air?
5) Do you want the hassle of returning a cover that doesn't work?

The answer to all of the above is probably no...

So we say buy well and buy right first time:

1) No need to cancel your holiday...swim, dive, surf, ride the waterslides etc. in a DryPro.
2) Order from us for Next Day / Saturday Delivery - and support the British economy!
3) 100% Waterproof and Airtight - no return visits to the plaster room after swimming.
4) Its unique patented pump system will vacuum pack your cast or bandage - no air!
5) Nothing can get in and it can't be pulled off until the vacuum is released.
6) Check out our testimonials - it really does do what it should!
7) Full instructions included.
8) Best UK and EU service, aftercare and price guaranteed*.

* Please note we are DryPro UK. We are not connected with Dry Pro Ireland
Please support the 'British' economy by buying from us!

We have saved many holidays in the last 2 years and we want to save more.
Please spread the word because you never know when a friend might need us.

* Not on Bank Holidays or Sundays and we do not ship out on Saturdays throughout August.