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Our products have all been carefully selected from small companies and suppliers around the world. We believe in supporting other small businesses because this keeps the world turning, the economy growing and our products unique!

If you've ever asked yourself 'Can I cover my cast?' or 'Where can I find a waterproof cover for my cast?' then you've come to the right place!

DryPRO Waterproof Plaster Cast / Wound Covers, Waterproof PICC Line & Ostomy Protectors

  • Want to swim, bathe and shower?
  • Want to surf, waterslide and dive?
  • Want to play in the sand?
  • Want to keep your plaster, wound, op site, PICC line or stoma completely dry?
Don't let an injury or treatment stop you from enjoying life!

  • Dry Pro™ Waterproof Protector range is a unique product that can improve your quality of life.
  • Dry Pro™ Waterproof cast/wound protectors are a high quality medical surgical rubber* sleeve
  • Fits over plaster casts and bandages to offer complete waterproof protection manufactured by Dry Corp LLC.
  • PICC Line protector is flesh coloured, non latex for protection from water and infection.
  • The Ostomy protector safely and securely covers your stoma.

All work with the same unique method - the unique, patented vacuum seal. The pump provided not only creates the vacuum seal but also works as a gauge showing that the vacuum is intact and cannot leak

  • The vacuum seal assures that a plaster cast, bandage PICC line or stoma will remain dry,
  • Patients can go swimming, bathe, shower or receive hydrotherapy.
  • Unlike "modified rubbish bag" products, the protection offered by the Dry Pro™ waterproof cast/PICC and Ostomy protector is unmatched - it cannot come off.
  • The special Non-Skid Grid™ on the lower limb products protects the sole and helps prevent slipping.
  • Completely and totally waterproof.
  • Snug yet comfortable
  • Great for post-op physiotherapy & hydrotherapy (prevents stiffness and swelling)
  • Rugged and designed to last

*Please note – the cast / stoma protector contains latex. Please do not use if you know you are allergic to latex!

Decorative Cast Covers

  • Got a broken bone?
  • Special occasion?
  • Need to match your outfit?
  • Cast scratching your skin?

Get one of our specially designed cast covers for arms and legs!

  • Huge variety of colours, designs and sizes
  • Change your cover to suit your mood or just to cheer yourself up!
  • Made of super stretchy, soft fabric they slide easily over your plaster cast
  • Help to stop that annoying scratching when the cast rubs on your exposed skin.
  • Turn your plaster cast into a talking point for all the right reasons!

Designer Slings!

  • Heavy cast?
  • Been given a really boring sling at the hospital?

Get one of our beautiful designer slings!

  • These designer slings offer the ultimate in fashionable support.
  • Change your sling to suit your mood and have a new design every week!
  • Washable, adjustable & comfortable.
  • Cotton and polycotton for easy washing.
  • Soft fur neck strap to stop rubbing

Colourful Cohesive Bandages

  • Need a cost effective way to freshen up a grubby cast?
  • Want a neat solution?

A cast can become very grubby over its usual 6 week lifespan – especially when friends want to write messages on it!

  • A cost effective way to clean up a grubby cast!
  • Plain or patterned options
  • Totally self adhesive - no tape needed
  • Easy to tear - no scissors needed
  • Easy to change - just remove the old one and cover your cast with a new one!
  • Work brilliantly with Cast Tattoos!

Cast Tattoos

  • Want to really ‘Pimp Your Cast’?
  • Want a funkier, unique solution?

Cast tattoos are great for adding to a plain cohesive bandage to really customise your cast.

  • Endless possibilities and so simple.
  • Self adhesive
  • No water needed!
  • A funky, unique design in minutes
  • Change your design in minutes!