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I did a really good job when I broke my first bone (left ankle) in a Bollywood dance class!

I struggled for 4 months with a supposed 'waterproof' cover for my cast which was anything but! I couldn't make it look very pretty either.

My youngest son ended up in plaster just a week before our holiday and I knew from experience that finding something he could actually swim in would prove difficult. 

However, I did find a product - the DryPRO Waterproof Arm Cast Protector. He could swim for 8 hours a day in the pool, play on the beach, in the sea and go down the waterslides - it was an absolute holiday saver!

As a customer service anorak I not only wanted to share my experience of these products, but I wanted to provide the exceptional level of service I expect but seldom receive.

So Pimp My Cast! / DryPro UK ® was born.

Our Ethos is simple:

  • To provide an easy to navigate site. 
  • To keep all your payment information is secure. 
  • To promise that we will absolutely not sell, rent or give your information to anyone else. 
  • To source as many products, services and staff from the UK as we can - we buy British!
  • To provide a helpful helpline where exceptional service is the rule.

Please email with your comments about our products or let us know what we can do to improve our website, products or service:

Enjoy Pimping Your Cast!

Cherie Emmitt, Owner, 

Managing Director, Extreme Internet Shopper & Customer Service Anorak!